Dennis Roeder & Important Budget Travel Tips

Dennis Roeder is a frequent traveler who had the privilege of visiting all continents with the exception of the Antarctica. Since Dennis Roeder is working as a teacher — a profession he genuinely loves, but not one that allows exotic travels -, he often had to get creative when it came to the budget.

Dennis Roeder

Setting a List of Priorities

It’s wonderful to have expectations; in fact that’s what generally makes humans thrive. If you are a traveler with a budget, however, you will likely have to let some of those expectations go, or at the very least prioritize them in a way. Ideally, you want a beautiful destination full of natural and man-made wonders and with an amazing culinary profile.

Select your potential locations and analyze them based on your criteria. Maybe there is a place with an amazing cuisine but less natural sights and vice-versa. When you are on a budget, you often have to let certain expectations go.

Off-Season Trips

If your schedule allows you to, visiting certain countries during their off-season can be an amazing experience. From a budget standpoint, you can obviously expect reduced prices, but that actually won’t always result in a lesser experience.

Some regions around the world are so closely associated with certain seasons that seeing them at a different time will offer an almost brand new experience.

As an experienced budget traveler Dennis Roeder often had to travel on a budget, but despite that he still managed to make the most out of these occasions.

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Dennis Roeder & Teaching Math in Australia

Dennis Roeder is an elementary school teacher who loves his profession. Teaching math to his students is one the aspects of the process that he loves the most. Teaching mathematics and science in Australia comes with its own perks, as there are various creative methods teachers can rely on.

They can also decide which of the methods represent the ideal choice based on the often unique characteristics of their students.

Dennis Roeder

The No-language Method

The premise behind the no-language method, when it comes to math, is built entirely on eliminating any potential interference that could confuse the students.

Mathematical Word Problems

This method relies on the students’ abilities to read and deduct certain math word problems, based on Newsman, A 1997, ‘An Analysis of sixth-grade pupils’ errors on written mathematical tasks’. The issue with written math problems is that the students often jump over the parts where they are actually asked questions.

This is where Newsman’s method comes into the picture, and if it is utilized by the teacher in an efficient manner, the results can improve significantly.

Mental Computation Strategies

Using mental computation strategies is fairly common in most countries, offering the teachers an efficient way to educate their students. The long term goal is to build an almost automatic response in the students so they will be able to solve certain problems in a matter of seconds.

These mental computation exercises often allow only three, two or just one seconds for the students to answer.

Dennis Roeder is an Australian elementary school teacher who uses some of these techniques while teaching math to his students.



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Dennis Roeder Discusses the Characteristics of a Good Teacher

After he earned his Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Sydney, Dennis Roeder started his professional career teaching in an elementary school.

Dennis Roeder

As someone who had his fair share of great teachers throughout his education, he has a clear idea about the characteristics that an educational professional should possess………… read more

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Dennis Roeder and the Holy Trinity of Fish

As a native Australian, Dennis Roeder grew up hearing about the holy trinity of fish that are native to the country. These three fish are the most prized in the area, and often the hardest to catch. Here he explains a little about the three famous fish and why so many people adore them.

Dennis Roeder

The Australian Salmon is a prized member of the holy trinity of fish in the region. The torpedo shaped fish are robust in shape with an almost chunky appearance. While salmon fishing in general is not that difficult, even professional anglers struggle with the Australian Salmon. This is because their migratory seasons for spawning are hard to understand and anticipate. When anglers cannot locate the fish, they cannot begin to catch them.

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The Barramundi or Barra is a quintessential Australian fish and the second member of the outback’s holy trinity. This species is even more elusive than the Australian Salmon, which makes it that much more desirable. The Barramundi is a favorite of many anglers around the world because of its taste and the level of fight it puts up if actually hooked on a line. How aggressive the Barra becomes will be dictated by the season. Many Australian anglers find that the Barramundi are easier to catch during the dry season.

Located in the Southern half of Australia, the Mulloway completed the holy trinity of Australian fish. Sometimes known as the jewfish in other parts of the world, the Mulloway is Dennis Roeder’s favorite fish.


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Dennis Roeder Offers Interesting Golf Facts

Playing golf is one of Dennis Roeder’s hobbies in Australia. He has been perfecting his play since he was a teenager, and tries to golf at least once a month in New South Wales. As golf is one of the oldest sports in the world that is still played, there are many interesting facts surrounding the game and its history.

Here he offers some of the facts that he finds the most fascinating.

Dennis Roeder

  • Putting can be a make or break situation for most golfers. In 1976, tournament player Bob Cook broke the record for the longest record successful putt. His putt was an amazing one hundred forty feet and nearly three inches long on the eighteenth hole at St. Andrews Golf Course.
  • Golfers who are passionate about the sport play as much as possible, even through bad weather or sore joints. One such golfer, Richard Lewis from Texas, broke the record for the total number of holes played in one year. In 2010, he played eleven thousand holes from January first to December thirty-first.
  • Golf tees were not used in standard sport play until the 1920s. Before then, golfers across the world would pile sand under their ball to give it enough elevation for a true shot. The golf tee craze quickly took over and became a mainstay of the sport.
  • Only two sports have even been played on the moon, golf and javelin. Dennis Roeder thinks it would be difficult to play golf on the moon.





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Dennis Roeder Can Deal with Difficult Parents

Like Dennis Roeder, many new teachers quickly realize that difficult students are not the only troubles they may face during the school year. Parents, for varying reasons, can present problems for teachers that can become stressful and detrimental to the student if not handled correctly.

Here is how Mr. Roeder deals with difficult parents.

Dennis Roeder

  • Any teacher who wishes to have a better relationship with their student’s parents and guardians must first remember to be sensitive. Parents are naturally protective of their children, it is a part of human nature. Even if that child legitimately did something wrong, the parent will wish to defend them. By accepting this at the beginning of a discussion, the teacher will save themselves quite a bit of headache.
  • Teachers should make it clear to parents that their sole purpose is to see that every child in their classroom receives the best possible education. Even if this fact needs to be repeated, eventually it will start to sink in. When a difficult parent starts to accept that you are not out to get their child, discussions will go much more smoothly.
  • A teacher should maintain thorough records at all times for every student. Having those written records will supply proof of misdeeds when it comes time to sit down with a difficult parent. Most parents, when given the proper proof, will see reasoning and work with the teacher. Dennis Roeder has learned to deal with difficult parents in an open and respectful manner.




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Dennis Roeder Discusses Kids Who Hate Math

As a primary school teacher in Sydney, Dennis Roeder has witnessed the large number of students who truly feel that they hate the subject of mathematics. In general, math is a topic that children and adults either love or hate.

The following tips will help other teachers who have children opposed to learning math.

Dennis Roeder

  • For many students, the idea that they hate math is a feeling that has been developed over time. This means that their fears and frustrations with the subject will not be taken away over night. A teacher must have patience with these students and try to understand the root of their disconnection from the subject.
  • Each person’s brain is programmed differently. This is why some students are better at writing, while others are more apt toward the sciences. Not every student is going to be a math genius. However, math is important is everyone’s life and is used every day.
  • Teachers of elementary students who struggle with math cannot apply too much pressure or the student will shut down completely. The best approach is to learn why they are turned off by the subject and try to correct their way of thinking.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that math can be hard. This validates their fears thus allowing them to eventually move on from them in their own time. While doing this, the teacher should try presenting math concepts to the child in a new way that is more fun or engaging. This is how Dennis Roeder teaches math.
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