Dennis Roeder : Building a Real Connection

Dennis Roeder has only recently jumped into the teaching pool, having graduated from the University of Sydney’s renowned teaching program just last year. Yet, as some of his colleagues can attest, Dennis Roeder seems to already be making a considerable splash, employing an energetic and engaging style that really seems to be hitting a chord with students and teachers alike.

Dennis Roeder

His classroom is always full of laughing and enthusiasm it’s really palpable,” says one of Roeder’s fellow teachers. “You can tell that his students are excited to share in the lessons he’s teaching. It’s great to have that kind of engagement around the building.

An elementary teacher in South Wales, Dennis Roeder spends a good deal of time in lesson plan preparation every morning, putting together the framework of math, English and social studies assignments and discussions hours before each class it set to begin. And though he spends a good amount of time mapping out each and every day for his students, it’s his ability to connect his students with the material that has made such a strong impression on his peers.

Some teachers just seem to have those intangibles right off the bat. Dennis Roeder puts a good deal of work into what he does, but it’s that spark he has in the classroom, I think, that really makes what he does impactful, that really resonates with the kids. Read More at :


About Dennis Roeder

Dennis Roeder is a 22 year old native of New South Wales, Australia. Dennis Roeder have unique Teaching Style. On his first day of teaching elementary school, Dennis Roeder looked forward to letting the kids know that they could feel comfortable around him. He tries to make them smile as much as possible.
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