Dennis Roeder : The Value of International Travel

Young professional Dennis Roeder has understood the value of international travel from a very early age. Having spent much of his youth travelling alongside his father, an intrepid business traveler himself, Dennis Roeder developed a deep and sincere appreciation for the opportunity to journey abroad, as well as for the chance to experience and enjoy different countries and cultures on a firsthand basis.

dennis roeder

A recent University of Sydney graduate and current elementary school teacher, Dennis Roeder continues to pursue his love of international travel as much as possible. His motivation for “adventuring,” as he calls it, comes from the many benefits it offers, including:

An Appreciation of Cultural Nuance : As Roeder knows, the hands-on experience of international travel provides the opportunity to come face to face with the cultural subtleties and nuance often not found in textbooks. Direct contact and observation of unknown peoples and cultures can help to instill a greater appreciation of the details and nuance that make each population unique.

Authentic Cuisine : Sure, you may have the opportunity to sample international flavors at restaurants in your local area, but these dishes may often be a poor substitute for the authentic cuisine you will only find by visiting an international destination.

The Opportunity to Share Your Experience As both teacher and experienced traveler, Dennis Roeder has the unique opportunity to share the benefits of his real-life experience with eager young minds; those who can really benefit from the insights and experience of one who has been face-to-face with peoples and places around the globe.


About Dennis Roeder

Dennis Roeder is a 22 year old native of New South Wales, Australia. Dennis Roeder have unique Teaching Style. On his first day of teaching elementary school, Dennis Roeder looked forward to letting the kids know that they could feel comfortable around him. He tries to make them smile as much as possible.
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