Dennis Roeder : Tennis a Great Source of Fitness and Fun

Dedicated elementary school teacher Dennis Roeder spends much of the school year preparing and delivering lesson plans, working to edify and inspire young people in a way that leads to the best and brightest futures possible. Teaching requires much of his time, energy and focus, though it continues to an enduring passion of Roeder’s; one that promises to remain so well into the future.

As with any profession, however, a release is often needed; something that helps to remove the stress and pressure that inevitably builds over time. For Dennis Roeder, that release arrives in the form of tennis, a game he has enjoyed as a source of both fitness and of fun throughout his life.

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About Dennis Roeder

Dennis Roeder is a 22 year old native of New South Wales, Australia. Dennis Roeder have unique Teaching Style. On his first day of teaching elementary school, Dennis Roeder looked forward to letting the kids know that they could feel comfortable around him. He tries to make them smile as much as possible.
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