Dennis Roeder Can Deal with Difficult Parents

Like Dennis Roeder, many new teachers quickly realize that difficult students are not the only troubles they may face during the school year. Parents, for varying reasons, can present problems for teachers that can become stressful and detrimental to the student if not handled correctly.

Here is how Mr. Roeder deals with difficult parents.

Dennis Roeder

  • Any teacher who wishes to have a better relationship with their student’s parents and guardians must first remember to be sensitive. Parents are naturally protective of their children, it is a part of human nature. Even if that child legitimately did something wrong, the parent will wish to defend them. By accepting this at the beginning of a discussion, the teacher will save themselves quite a bit of headache.
  • Teachers should make it clear to parents that their sole purpose is to see that every child in their classroom receives the best possible education. Even if this fact needs to be repeated, eventually it will start to sink in. When a difficult parent starts to accept that you are not out to get their child, discussions will go much more smoothly.
  • A teacher should maintain thorough records at all times for every student. Having those written records will supply proof of misdeeds when it comes time to sit down with a difficult parent. Most parents, when given the proper proof, will see reasoning and work with the teacher. Dennis Roeder has learned to deal with difficult parents in an open and respectful manner.





About Dennis Roeder

Dennis Roeder is a 22 year old native of New South Wales, Australia. Dennis Roeder have unique Teaching Style. On his first day of teaching elementary school, Dennis Roeder looked forward to letting the kids know that they could feel comfortable around him. He tries to make them smile as much as possible.
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