Dennis Roeder Discusses Kids Who Hate Math

As a primary school teacher in Sydney, Dennis Roeder has witnessed the large number of students who truly feel that they hate the subject of mathematics. In general, math is a topic that children and adults either love or hate.

The following tips will help other teachers who have children opposed to learning math.

Dennis Roeder

  • For many students, the idea that they hate math is a feeling that has been developed over time. This means that their fears and frustrations with the subject will not be taken away over night. A teacher must have patience with these students and try to understand the root of their disconnection from the subject.
  • Each person’s brain is programmed differently. This is why some students are better at writing, while others are more apt toward the sciences. Not every student is going to be a math genius. However, math is important is everyone’s life and is used every day.
  • Teachers of elementary students who struggle with math cannot apply too much pressure or the student will shut down completely. The best approach is to learn why they are turned off by the subject and try to correct their way of thinking.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that math can be hard. This validates their fears thus allowing them to eventually move on from them in their own time. While doing this, the teacher should try presenting math concepts to the child in a new way that is more fun or engaging. This is how Dennis Roeder teaches math.

About Dennis Roeder

Dennis Roeder is a 22 year old native of New South Wales, Australia. Dennis Roeder have unique Teaching Style. On his first day of teaching elementary school, Dennis Roeder looked forward to letting the kids know that they could feel comfortable around him. He tries to make them smile as much as possible.
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