Dennis Roeder : Making Learning Fun

Dennis Roeder starts each new day in preparation, making notes and mapping out the direction of the lesson plan needed to keep both himself, and his students, on the right track.

“I begin by looking at my notes from yesterday, where we left off, crucial elements that were highlighted, etc., and using those to build ideas from which to jump off of that morning,” says Dennis Roeder, a semester into his position as elementary teacher at a local New South Wales school. “From there, I plan each hour or two around the topics we need to cover and brainstorm any anecdotes and relevant topics that can make the material more relatable, more fun…”

Dennis Roeder

Though the maintenance of this basic structure is crucial to the completion of a successful day, Dennis Roederlikes to keep things somewhat malleable as well, leaving himself room to improvise and implement diversion in a way that keeps classroom discussion lively and engrossing.

Dennis Roeder

“I’m always looking for ways, for avenues, to make the setting more engaging, to get the kids more involved in the process,” says Dennis Roeder who teaches a classroom of 30 throughout each week. “I always want to show my students how fun learning can be.”
It is this flexible and somewhat unorthodox teaching style that has not only made Dennis Roeder a hit in the classroom, but that has also caught the attention, and earned the praise, of many of his colleagues.

Dennis Roeder a great motivator,” says one colleague. “I hope he’s a part of our faculty for years to come.

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Dennis Roeder : Building a Real Connection

Dennis Roeder has only recently jumped into the teaching pool, having graduated from the University of Sydney’s renowned teaching program just last year. Yet, as some of his colleagues can attest, Dennis Roeder seems to already be making a considerable splash, employing an energetic and engaging style that really seems to be hitting a chord with students and teachers alike.

Dennis Roeder

His classroom is always full of laughing and enthusiasm it’s really palpable,” says one of Roeder’s fellow teachers. “You can tell that his students are excited to share in the lessons he’s teaching. It’s great to have that kind of engagement around the building.

An elementary teacher in South Wales, Dennis Roeder spends a good deal of time in lesson plan preparation every morning, putting together the framework of math, English and social studies assignments and discussions hours before each class it set to begin. And though he spends a good amount of time mapping out each and every day for his students, it’s his ability to connect his students with the material that has made such a strong impression on his peers.

Some teachers just seem to have those intangibles right off the bat. Dennis Roeder puts a good deal of work into what he does, but it’s that spark he has in the classroom, I think, that really makes what he does impactful, that really resonates with the kids. Read More at :

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Dennis Roeder : The Value of International Travel

Young professional Dennis Roeder has understood the value of international travel from a very early age. Having spent much of his youth travelling alongside his father, an intrepid business traveler himself, Dennis Roeder developed a deep and sincere appreciation for the opportunity to journey abroad, as well as for the chance to experience and enjoy different countries and cultures on a firsthand basis.

dennis roeder

A recent University of Sydney graduate and current elementary school teacher, Dennis Roeder continues to pursue his love of international travel as much as possible. His motivation for “adventuring,” as he calls it, comes from the many benefits it offers, including:

An Appreciation of Cultural Nuance : As Roeder knows, the hands-on experience of international travel provides the opportunity to come face to face with the cultural subtleties and nuance often not found in textbooks. Direct contact and observation of unknown peoples and cultures can help to instill a greater appreciation of the details and nuance that make each population unique.

Authentic Cuisine : Sure, you may have the opportunity to sample international flavors at restaurants in your local area, but these dishes may often be a poor substitute for the authentic cuisine you will only find by visiting an international destination.

The Opportunity to Share Your Experience As both teacher and experienced traveler, Dennis Roeder has the unique opportunity to share the benefits of his real-life experience with eager young minds; those who can really benefit from the insights and experience of one who has been face-to-face with peoples and places around the globe.

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Dennis Roeder : Tennis a Great Source of Fitness and Fun

Dedicated elementary school teacher Dennis Roeder spends much of the school year preparing and delivering lesson plans, working to edify and inspire young people in a way that leads to the best and brightest futures possible. Teaching requires much of his time, energy and focus, though it continues to an enduring passion of Roeder’s; one that promises to remain so well into the future.

As with any profession, however, a release is often needed; something that helps to remove the stress and pressure that inevitably builds over time. For Dennis Roeder, that release arrives in the form of tennis, a game he has enjoyed as a source of both fitness and of fun throughout his life.

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Dennis Roeder: What Makes a Great Teacher?

While he’s still a young man who’s just started his teaching career, Dennis Roeder has often been enamored by what it takes to be a great teacher. It’s a question he finds fascinating because there is no easy recipe for teaching success, plus, different professionals use different styles.

However, Roeder has taken it upon himself to do some research on the subject, and here’s what he has come up with.

They know their subjects

Knowledge of a subject is one of the key things that a great teacher will encompass. It might seem obvious, but some teachers lack an in-depth understanding of their subject. Where this is the case, the teacher is less likely to have a significant impact on his/her students.


They are careful with praise

While offering praise is a popular way for teachers to motivate students, it can also be harmful when employed in the wrong way. Praise can be interpreted in different ways, as sympathy for a failing student can be seen as either a way to encourage the child or pampering.

They provide quality

The quality of teaching provided by an instructor has a significant impact on students’ achievement, especially students who come from poorer backgrounds. Quality assessment and questioning are at the core of excellent teaching. It also involves giving children enough time to learn new skills and participate in finding solutions.

Dennis Roeder is an elementary math teacher who studied at the University of Sydney.

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Dennis Roeder: Principles of Effective Teaching

Dennis Roeder is an elementary math teacher in Australia who is looking to help students learn as much as they can in their young lives. While studying to become a teacher, he attended a few workshops and seminars on effective ways of teaching math. Like any attentive student, he took notes on these methods, some that are highlighted below.

Aim for understanding

For every subject you teach, strive to ensure students understand the “why” behind concepts, and not just the “how.’ This type of understanding (known as procedural understanding) doesn’t come easy and can take even years for a student to grasp a concept fully. It’s for this reason that math curricula often introduce a concept early in a child’s learning, then build upon it for some years.


What’s your goal?

The ultimate goal for teaching mathematics is different for every math teacher. Some do it so they can finish the textbook in the designated time. Others do it to ensure their students pass exams. Others teach so that students can understand various concepts, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

These goals, while noble, are sub-goals to an even bigger goal. If you think about, you’ll realize that perhaps you want students to understand how to apply math concepts in their lives, or prepare them for further studies in this field.

Walk the talk

As a math teacher, your attitude towards the subject is on display every time you address students. If you like math, then you should encompass an enthusiastic, passionate and committed lifestyle towards being the best math teacher.

Dennis Roeder is a teacher based in New South Wales, Australia.

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Dennis Roeder: Effective Strategies for Teaching Math

An elementary math teacher in Australia, Dennis Roeder knows the subject is one that students struggle to understand, especially at early ages. It requires extra concentration and effort, something that differs with every student. As Roeder has experienced in his time as a teacher, teaching math also requires the instructor to employ various methods, some of which are explained below.

Add a visual element

Having a visual element quickly enamors young learners. Making use of textbooks that have graphical content helps to get the message across to students. Instructors who make use of graphics can pair them with specific guidance for effective results.

Education Blackboard Classroom Math Chalkboard

Explain solutions

Teachers are encouraged to get students to describe, verbally, how they reached an answer as this can help other students learn the basic concepts. As Dennis Roeder knows, many students hesitate to raise their hands to ask questions. If those who answer are required to explain their process, they are helping other classmates.

Individual feedback

Many students benefit from having personal feedback from their teachers about what they did right and where they can improve upon going forward. Rather than just provide the correct answer, teachers should also give students an opportunity to see where they made mistakes. Doing so helps students figure out solutions on their own.

Dennis Roeder is a graduate of the University of Sydney, where he undertook a degree in Education.

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